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Trump says he wants to deport up to three million US immigrants

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Trump says he will be deported more than 3 million immigrants from the United States

Trump says he wants to deport up to three million US immigrantsUS President-elect Donald Trump said in an interview that he intends to deport up to three million illegal immigrants who have passed by the police. And this must happen soon in the beginning of his government. In Washington, hundreds of people took to the streets to demand respect for human rights in a peaceful protest that also happened in Portland and New York for the fourth night in a row.

In an interview with an American TV network, Donald Trump reaffirmed that he will build a wall on the Mexican border, but admitted that some sections will have only one fence. He said the priority would be to arrest or deport illegal immigrants who committed crimes, which represents two to three million people, and that only after securing border security will he make decisions about the other illegal immigrants he called Of ‘fantastic people’. The governor of New York published in a social network: “If you are gay or straight, Muslim or Christian, rich or poor, black, white or brown, we all respect. We will not allow the federal government to attack immigrants in our state.”…

Trump says he wants to deport up to three million US immigrants

In New Zealand, Secretary of State John Kerry said the Obama administration will do anything to implement the climate deal before the inauguration of Donald Trump, who does not believe in warming the planet. In social networks, Trump attacked The New York Times and attributed the victory to the debates, to the energy of the rallies and to the supporters.

Trump has named the first member of his administration team – Reince Priebus, chairman of the Republican National Committee, will be White House chief of staff, one of Washington’s top jobs. See more information at g1.globo.com – Subscribe to our free newsletter and receive all our news from the site, sign for free. Leave your comment below, share this information! Read more about the latest news in the world!

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