Forget the food pyramid: the food industry come tapeando nutritionists for 50 years

The Food Industry and the Food Pyramid

First study on heart disease was sponsored by the sugar industry to blame fat and sugar acquit. Anyone who has ever tried to leave the style of life pizza, soda, television by granola knows the dilemma: the news about what will surely make you live to be 120 and that will clog your arteries just do not make sense. All the time have something going in or out of the sacred index of evil food. (Take a look at the links – in less than a year, two news SUPER said the egg is good guy and bad guy).

The mess could only be the result of a new scientific front being studied from various angles. But this is a story with villains. An article Cardiologist Staton Glantz of the University of California, San Francisco, said the most influential corruption case in nutritional research: the first ever study on the relationship between diet and heart disease, published in 1967, was secretly sponsored by the Sugar Research Foundation (Foundation for Sugar Research), ie funded by the sugar industry…

The Food Industry and the Food Pyramid

The three scientists received $ 50,000 to complete the fat, not sugar, was to blame for heart problems. Recommended a diet with less fat and thus more carbohydrates (chemical group of sugars and starch). “They managed to derail the discussion of sugar for decades,” said Staton, The New York Times. “It may seem like ancient history, but the effects of this study reverberate to this day.”

Article 1967 was immensely influential. Just look on the supermarket shelf: sweetened nonfat yogurt is just one thing (pardon who bought yesterday) stupid. Even today, government officials prescribe a diet based on low-fat and carbohydrate. This appears in the old food pyramid you learned in school: the base is a Cacetada bread, rice and pasta, followed by fruits (which have fructose, a type of sugar) with fat things appearing in a tip up there. The current obesity crisis may be a consequence of these misleading recommendations. People still think they are doing a favor to themselves tucking three chocolate spoons skimmed milk. Oh, and granola: full of sugar, it is better not to stick in the face a chocolate sweepstake.

The consensus today is not that you should live like an Eskimo and eat lard whale with lard moose. Sugar is definitely a villain, but the fat is still in the dock. Good and bad it has, and the controversy continues. But you know that fat and other less sugar make you eat more. And being fat is not good news for the heart.

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