Prosecutor says “Lula actively participated in criminal scheme at Petrobras”

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Prosecutor says Lula actively participated in criminal scheme at Petrobras

Task force issue an opinion or whatever the case go to the hands of federal judge Sergio Moro. Former President Luiz Inacio Lula da Silva participated “actively in the criminal scheme devised in disfavor of Petrobras, and also that received directly and indirectly undue advantages arising from this criminal structure.”

This is how the MPF (Federal Public Ministry) summarizes the participation of PT in the scheme investigated by Operation Lava Jato, which opinion is 70 pages released on Friday (5) by the Attorney General’s Office. The information was brought forward by the newspaper O Estado de S.Paulo…

Prosecutor says “Lula actively participated in criminal scheme at Petrobras”

According to the opinion, signed by four federal prosecutors in Curitiba (PR) on Wednesday (3), Lula, “even after the end of his presidential term, […] benefited directly and indirectly by lending. “If Rememore that, in this operation, several public officials were accused of receiving undue advantage even after they leave their jobs. Moreover, it is undeniable political influence Calamari continued to exercise in the Federal Government, even after the end of their mandate (lying until today, more than five after the end of his tenure with the current President of the Republic).”

Also according to the opinion, “contextualizing the strong evidence detailed below, several facts relating to the scheme that rigged bids PETROBRAS point out that the former President of the Republic, Luiz Inácio Lula da Silva [Lula] was aware of the criminal stratagem and He has benefited. ” The Lava Jet task force reinforced further in the demonstration of 70 pages released today, the suspicion that Lula is the owner, albeit covertly, apartment 164-A Solaris building in Guaruja (SP), and the site Atibaia (SP).

Moro judge? Contrary to defend Lula’s lawyers, the task force Lava Jet wants the case to be considered by the judge Sergio Moro. According to the opinion, “the investigation dubbed Operation Lava Jet […] elucidated various criminal practices involving various agents and core criminals who were related to each other, so that the proof of the offenses led a proof of the crimes committed by others and vice versa, in evident instructory connection.”

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