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Prisoners in Rio go on strike from midnight

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The prison officers of Rio de Janeiro decided to go on strike.

Prisoners in Rio go on strike from midnight

The prison officers of Rio de Janeiro decided, in a meeting held on Monday (16), to strike after midnight. According to the president of the Union of Servants of the Criminal System of Rio de Janeiro, Gutemberg de Oliveira, only essential services such as food, medical emergency and prison release will be maintained. Receiving visits, new inmates and referral of detainees to criminal courts will be suspended…

Prisoners in Rio go on strike from midnight

Without the payment of overtime in the second half of 2016 and also without the gratuities per target since 2015, the agents still demand the payment of the salary of December and 13th. They promise to remain so until the next Monday, when there will be a new assembly. The agents also complain about the poor working conditions – to UOL, two agents reported under the condition of anonymity a routine of insecurity and pressure. “It has prisons with 3,000 people and an effective eight, nine, ten people working on a good day,” one agent said.

Tonight, the Civil Police also decides in assembly whether or not to start a standstill. On Wednesday (18), the Association of Military Firefighters will hold an extraordinary assembly to address the issue. The Treasury Department said that the December salary of public security officials should be deposited by the end of the week but could not tell when the rest of the employees will receive. So far, only the teachers had the 13th, paid with resources of the Ministry of Education, deposited. The rest of the servers had the November salary cleared only this Monday.

In December, security officials swelled the act of teachers and other public servants and even invaded the Legislative Assembly of Rio de Janeiro during the vote on the austerity package sent to the House by Governor Luiz Fernando Pezão (PMDB). In a crisis, the state declared a financial calamity in the middle of last year and is now studying ways to cover the projected gap of 19.3 billion by 2017. Among the measures studied by the government are a voluntary resignation plan and the possibility of reducing work hours Of employees with a reduction in wages, a measure that depends on the decision of the Federal Supreme Court (STF). Did you like this news? Leave your comment below, and share this information with your friends on the social networks. Thank you!

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