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Trump says he will be deported more than 3 million immigrants from the United States US President-elect Donald Trump said in an interview that he intends to deport up to three million illegal immigrants who have passed by the police.…

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Forget the food pyramid: the food industry come tapeando nutritionists for 50 years First study on heart disease was sponsored by the sugar industry to blame fat and sugar acquit. Anyone who has ever tried to leave the style of life…

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KATY PERRY PULA OF PINK PARACHUTE IN YOUR CLIP “OLYMPIC”   World news of celebritiesThe singer Katy Perry released his latest single clip, “Rise”, which will be used as the official theme of the coverage of the Olympic Games in…

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Orlando Bloom and Katy Perry are seen together in support event to Hillary Clinton TMZ says the two were circulating at the event dressing room Katy Perry attended the event in support of the candidacy of Hillary Clinton on Thursday…

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Mint reports high demand and states that there is no provision standardization of deadlines The issuance of Brazilian passport follows facing problems since the end of the month of June this year. In São Paulo, the period of withdrawal of…

   Latest World News   

Bill Clinton says Hillary is uniquely qualified to assume the US presidency Former US President Bill Clinton said on Tuesday (26) during the Republican National Convention, his wife, Hillary, is uniquely qualified to assume the presidency of the country and…

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