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   Brazil and World News   

The prison officers of Rio de Janeiro decided to go on strike. The prison officers of Rio de Janeiro decided, in a meeting held on Monday (16), to strike after midnight. According to the president of the Union of Servants…

   Revolutionary technology   

Google robot will hunt trolls in the internet comments Software read 17 million comments left on texts – and learned to identify poorly educated people with 92% accuracy – If you have already commented some text on the Internet, you’ve…

   Health and nutrition tips   

Forget the food pyramid: the food industry come tapeando nutritionists for 50 years First study on heart disease was sponsored by the sugar industry to blame fat and sugar acquit. Anyone who has ever tried to leave the style of life…

   Miscellaneous issues   

From Brazil to the World News A new product promises to be more efficient than the plastic – and still be edible. No use crying over spilled milk – because if you take it straight, the substance can create a material…

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