Delegation of Sweden complains structure and cleanliness in the Olympic Village

News of the OlympicsSwedish athletes do not want to stay in the apartments of Rio 2016. Delegation of Australia and Argentina have also complained about the conditions.

The delegation of Sweden was the most recent team to participate in the Rio 2016 to complain about the Olympic Village facilities in the West Zone of Rio. In the early hours of Tuesday (26), the country’s athletes have left the place and complained about the structure of the apartments . The delegation complained about the lack of cleanliness and problems in the finish. Athletes of Sweden took a taxi to the hotels where you will spend the next few days, while adjustments are made…

News of the Olympics – Delegation of Sweden complains structure and cleanliness in the Olympic Village

At the airport Tom Jobim, athletes from many other countries came on Tuesday. This morning, who also arrived on Brazilian soil were Cubans. They landed in the Olympic Village just before 3pm. According to the Rio 2016 Committee, the two athletes from Sweden who have left the village of athletes actually took a shuttle from Galeao Airport and were a direct bus to the village. After that, they took a taxi to an apartment that had rented. The two athletes would slalom canoeing and gymnastics.

Also according to the committee, the delegation of Sweden has not checked in. On the morning of Tuesday, about 600 workers, janitors, masons, plumber, CEG employees worked in the Olympic Village to get everything ready for the delegations of Australia and Sweden can return.

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