It is not “all money Petrobras”

Lula could have turned a Mandela. But just as a DirceuIn a trial, the truth does not matter. You need a story that works – whether real or invented. If you are innocent and do not have a good story to seal this innocence is over: the jury will find that you are guilty. If you are guilty and has a great story, you will be free. This is the logic of justice. A twisted logic, but it’s the only one we have.

Let Lula case now. The facts: Lula is not the formal owner of the site Atibaia. There is no scripture in his name. But according to one of the formal owners, all you have within the site belongs to Lula. This formal owner calls the property “owner of the site Marisa”. Site that was severely reformed the OAS, Leo Pinheiro, who is Lula friend…

Lula could have turned a Mandela. But just as a Dirceu

There has triplex. The apartment was settled and renovated by the same OAS for Lula family, always under the supervision of former President and Mrs. Marisa, filmed, photographed and witnessed in several times building (moreover, if the elevator and kitchen R $ 350 thousand were not for them, who it was? no one claimed ownership of these assets). Anyway, Leo Pinheiro has confessed: reforms in Atibaia and in Guaruja were two favors the OAS in exchange for Lula’s work as the company’s lobbyist abroad. There is no crime in being a lobbyist contractor – Lula was a free citizen, could work for those who wanted, even abroad, where it can not use its political power, only its influence as an international celebrity.

The problem is that the OAS had overpriced contracts with Petrobras. It was a criminal enterprise. For all intents and purposes, working as a lobbyist for her outside the country amounted to care for a network of gas stations owned by Marcola, the PCC chief. There is crime manage gas station. It is a legitimate business. But if the service station network is the CCP, it is cold. Both were cold Lula always took care not to have a deed of Atibaia site on your behalf and denied any connection with the triplex when the story went public.

It was not the best story. The ideal excuse came at another time, an almost Freudian slip of the former president. He said something like: “These companies (OAS, Odebrecht) have thousands of employees, bill billion. And everyone thinks it’s all money Petrobras. Does not make sense“.

Indeed. It is not “all money from Petrobras.” These companies earn billions in a lawful manner, and can use the money as they see fit, including paying for Lula services as a lobbyist. If he simply said that the site and the triplex were payment for lobbying services in Central America and Africa, it would be a good story. Plus, it would even be true – as Petrobras, would be left to him then saying that he knew nothing, that was a naive ruler, alienated from the prevailing wickedness around him. No human being immune to Lula’s sympathy. A story well, seasoned with humor and intelligence of the former president, could work. Have chance to clear him, including a lack of effective evidence – both of illicit enrichment as science, yes, Petrobras financed half of Brazilian politics via inflated contracts.

But Lula did not know how to do it. To virtually deny any relation to the real estate Atibaia and Guaruja, he converted them into evidence – evidence that, yes, he knew everything. And that got his loaf of personal profit from this all. Lula killed the story that could keep you safe. At least as safe as Aetius, Serra, Temer, Renan – all subjects whose presumption of innocence does not withstand five minutes of confrontation with the truth. But it’s the story: the truth, unfortunately, does not count. What counts is the dog, something that all these guys have to spare. Lula, for the evil of so many great things he has represented, no longer his.

As already commented more than once: Lula could have turned president of the UN could be the great figure of international philanthropy, helping to allocate tens of billions of dollars in grants and investments. Could with his left field, his irresistible magnetism, help redistribute wealth and eradicate poverty in half the world. And maybe it was now a triplex overlooking Central Park, taking a cachaça with a Nobel Peace Prize in his lap. All this with their personal and political sins buried in the same tomb where the Kennedy sins, Mandela, Gorbachev … But no. He was turned lobbyist contractor. He gave it. See more information directly at the source:

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