Creating Your Own Job to Make Money

How to survive the jobless crisis

Share knowledge – This tip is gold, diamond and red corals of Corsica and applies not only in cases where they are unemployed and looking up a replacement in the market or an extra income. Share knowledge is essential to become an authority or reference in particular subject, either in video or text, lecture or training, this is certainly a tool that can help a lot in a career transition and even face the crisis.

I know many people who believe that it takes a long time to achieve a certain knowledge and share it is to deliver free something that has been conquered, therefore, understand that knowledge is your advantage. I understand, accept, but it is not the kind of strategy I would pursue, first because knowledge is not finite and it is always possible to have exchanges, according to how people will know what you know if you do not communicate?…

How to survive the jobless crisis

Try asking for people nearby, friends and acquaintances what they think you do for a living or what they think you know about a subject. It’s amazing how people do not care much about it, and natural, they have their own battles and limitations. And how can we share our knowledge and make money from it? Perhaps the question should be, there is some knowledge that would add value to people and I could charge for it?

There are ways to understand what differentiates us, is when someone looks in to ask for advice about a particular subject, or as we refer to it that way. “You are very good at planning for the future.” “I wanted some advice, what would you do in this situation …” are some examples.

Text: write, is therapeutic and brings people together. There’s even way to monetize it, writing for blogs or being freelance content. It has even that specialized sites, is one of them but it is in English and the demand is all in English, very worth it. Tools such as Medium or Linkedin own help create an audience and bringing people interested in what you have to tell.

Videos: This is a little harder to write texts, you need to have a certain area with the tools and lose a little Rec syndrome, one that when you turn the camera freezes the person. But it indicsutível the power of this medium. Is to post videos on topics of their knowledge on Youtube or Facebook, as riding courses and sell to people who are interested in your content.

Workshop or lecture: assemble classroom courses or search firms specializing in brokering speakers can be another great option, especially if you have the facility to handle large audiences. In all of them, think of your content as a product, create an implementation strategy, plan frequency and list some topics and content that you are interested in talking. Create your own method and try to improve it whenever you can. Communicate!

Be consultant – When I decided to leave the CLT to become a consultant, I knew that the challenges would be great, especially to make my name and become an authority in what he did, because I do many things and in general. And this is the most amazing part of being short of the corporate world. Companies are constantly looking for professionals who do not exist and frustrating their employees because they do not know what to do with them.

Being a consultant is not for everyone, I confess. It is unstable, most of the time you prospects, meets, delivery, have contractor who thinks you’re an elite intern or that you are more an employee and begins to fill you in routine process. We must be calm and know the role within the organization and communicate it very well. But it is rewarding and works great for people who like to improve processes and vision for change.

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