6 Reasons to wake up at 6 am

For 6 am is the most productive time

They say that ‘God helps those who early bird catches the worm’. The blogger Eghosa Aihie woke up at 6: 00 am in the last two years and concluded that this habit has changed his life. Put down 6 reasons, according to the author, will motivate you to get up earlier. Incrível.club challenges you to do the same. We already do this and feel very well…

For 6 am is the most productive time

  1. You will have time to think about what you want – Many people do not reach their goals just because they are not sufficiently focused. If you do not start your day thinking about what to accomplish during the next few hours, it is very likely that you can not finish everything I had planned. As we know, the brains of most people works best in the morning, so it is recommended to use this period to control the mind, not emotions.
  2. You will have time to plan your day – The early birds who have the ability to plan the day with time, even before starting any activity. The sooner you complete the day’s schedule, rather how you will use your time, and more effective and productive you will be. Plan a full day the night before is not a good idea, since the brain is tired and just want to rest. The same happens when you go to the grocery store hungry. At the end you end up buying more than necessary. So, as you’d better eat and then go shopping, it is also better to rest overnight and then plan the next day.
  3. It’s the perfect time to exercise – Who said ‘As soon as you wake up, you should go running to the office?’ Many people complain they have no time for leisure, family or go to the gym. If you wake up two hours before the start-time will have time to go to the gym, for example. By doing morning exercise, your body is full of endorphins (hormones released when the body is exercise and generate a sense of joy and euphoria). The endorphin load can be enough to make you feel energetic and alert throughout the day at work.
  4. You will know what it is to have breakfast – Throughout your life you heard that breakfast is the most important meal of the day. And it’s true. If you wake up a few hours before going to work, you have time to take a good breakfast, correct and unhurried. A survey by Public Health school John Hopkins Bloomberg, USA, has shown that taking the breakfast properly brings a highly positive effect on health. Just as your car needs gasoline to walk, your body needs food to function properly, especially in the morning.
  5. Many successful people do this – In an interview with New York Magazine, Jack Dorsey, founder of Twitter revealed that his day starts at 5: 30h in the morning. Dorsey uses the morning to perform activities such as meditation and running. Richard Branson, founder of Virgin Group, is a fanatic up early. In an interview with Business Insider he mentioned that wakes up more or less at 5: 45h to exercise and to take the breakfast, before devoting time to business.
  6. You will be in front of the other – the usual up early, according to several studies, can help in the discovery of their creative potential. In addition, it develops security in yourself, as you are ready to start the day when everyone has not opened his eyes. The blogger Eghosa Aihie says he learned to solve the most annoying problems at work before 8: 00 am. This habit brings more energy to the rest of the day and makes you feel the pleasure of accomplishment for longer. Solve the most difficult or most annoying problems in the morning reduces the level of stress and anxiety.

Also, if you can get two and half hours earlier than normal, gains 150 minutes of lucidity a day or 17 hours per week plus 70 hours per month and 840 hours a year. The decision (and alarm) are in your hands.

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