Emission failures persist and wait for passport arrives to 45 days in the country

Mint reports high demand and states that there is no provision standardization of deadlines

Emission failures persist and wait for passport arrives to 45 days in the country

The issuance of Brazilian passport follows facing problems since the end of the month of June this year. In São Paulo, the period of withdrawal of the document persists in 45 calendar days after the request for issuance. The original period was six days. Sought by R7, the Federal Police said that the deadline of 45 days for delivery of passports remains because of technical problems at the Mint – responsible for making….

Emission failures persist and wait for passport arrives to 45 days in the country

The deadlines for issuing the document is longer in Brazil. According to PF, the procedures carried out by the institution are following normally. The agency added that the schedule for the withdrawal of passports continues.

NOTE: PF states that the flaws in the passport issuance are caused by technical problems at the Mint, responsible for making. Source: R7.com

The Mint reported that there is still no forecast for the reduction of the term of issue. The Commission maintains that the difficulties that occurred in June produced a demand for very large passports.

To issue the common passport, there is a fee of R $ 257.25 and the document is valid for ten years. However, not all citizens can expect the period of 45 calendar days without compromising trips that were already planned. An outlet for these people is to request the urgent delivery procedure. So that the transmission takes place, you need to pay an extra fee of R $ 77.17, making the passport goes for R $ 334.42. Upon request acceptance, the delivery period shall be seven working days.

There is also the emergency passport option. According to the website of the Federal Police, this document can be requested in atypical situations of high gravity, such as natural disasters, armed conflicts, need for immediate travel for reasons of health or need to work. The applicant will need to submit, along with the requested documentation, proof of the emergency situation in writing. In addition, there is also the payment of a fee of R $ 77.17 to R $ 334.42. The PF said the emergency procedure causes the requente have the passport in hand within 24 hours. Usually the document is ready in no more than three hours, and is valid for one year.

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