Most of the complaints are related to posters, signs, banners and billboards

Electoral Court has received 138 complaints of irregular advertising in São Paulo

The Electoral Court of Sao Paulo has received 138 complaints of illegal advertisements throughout the state. Among the complaints registered online since the system was introduced a month ago, ten reported incidents in the capital. Most of these complaints relate to posters, signs, banners and billboards exposed in areas not accessible by the electoral law, without authorization or size that exceeds the allowed.

Of the total complaints, 119 of them already have verification procedures and completed decision. The Electoral Court states that in 53 of these records, the Report Online was not the appropriate means for the complaint. It said the system only receives complaints regarding street advertising on public roads in common use places (cinemas, shopping centers, temples and schools), in particular goods (when they are greater than 0,5m2) and on billboards….

Electoral Court has received 138 complaints of irregular advertising in São Paulo

Irregular electoral propaganda disseminated in newspapers, magazines, internet, radio and TV should be reported to the Electoral Prosecutor, which may make representation to the Electoral Court. According to the Court, other 20 complaints received indicated that advertising was considered valid after verification. The 11 advertisements considered irregular were taken by those responsible themselves after notification without the need for referral to the MPF (Ministry Electoral Public). The rules for electioneering in 2016 are set by Resolution No. 23,457 / 2015, the TSE (Supreme Electoral Tribunal).

How to report? The whistleblower must register the complaint on TRE’s website (Regional Electoral Court). The complaint will be forwarded to the judge of the electoral area where there was propaganda. If it finds the presence of irregularities, the judge shall notify the person responsible for the withdrawal within 48 hours. In the event of compliance with the order, the procedure is filed. Otherwise, the event will be forwarded to the Electoral Prosecutor for appropriate action. Voters can track the progress of their complaint by the system. Anonymous complaints are not registered, although the Electoral Court to ensure that the complainant has guaranteed confidentiality.

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