How to use the credit card with care

How to use the credit card with care

You know properly use your credit card? You know exactly what and how much you are spending? You know whether it will not pay your next bill? You know properly use your credit card? You know exactly what and how much you are spending? You know whether it will not pay your next bill? For you, the answers to these questions was not exactly like that, this article will help you understand what it is and how the tempting credit card, also known as the plastic card.

Many people do not properly control their card and end up paying very high interest rates. Any type of credit card has a purchase limit, this limit is due to the value they believe that you have afford. But, when making a purchase, you are responsible for that control. No one better than you know your commitments. What’s more, the credit card in case of theft or loss can and should be blocked immediately…

Credit card: conscious use

On the payment of the invoice, it is important to emphasize that even can choose whether it will be fully realized in its minimum value or an intermediate value, each choice generates a new condition, often associated with the collection or not of interest. Full payment made on or before the due date, does not require the collection of fine and no interest. But the minimum payment or an intermediate value, generates the charging of interest on the remaining amount. Now, when the payment is made late, you pay fine and interest, and in the case of interest they usually daily, ie the higher the number of days in arrears, the greater the amount of interest. And these interests are usually quite high.

But the credit card is not a villain or rocket science. Just, just, that it is used consciously. And in these cases, which has advantages are. Meet some of them:

  • No need to have physical cash or check at the time of purchase.
  • monthly expenses are paid in a single day, usually payment occurs ten days after the closing of the bill.
  • If you make a purchase after the closing of the bill, it means you have up to 40 days after purchase to pay.
  • May, in accordance with the establishment, make purchases without interest, or in installments without interest or even with time to start paying (in which case care is needed because often what merchants call fixed installments is nothing more than the value of the goods with interest, the future payment already built).
  • With all your expenses described in a single bill, it becomes easier to throw them into a monthly expense control, to know exactly where you’re going your money and how much you can still use or employ in any investment or savings.
  • Depending on the card manager, there is no annual fee rate for use of the card.

Anyway, to buy, it is good to check if you can a discount for cash payment. It may be worth paying in cash, even with all the advantages of the card. Sign up for our free newsletter and receive our news site directly to your email. Thank you!

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