Give value to the work and the money you earn.

7 things that the rich never spend your money and you also should not spend.

Multiply the money and make it surrender is a matter of management fees, more than a matter of work. Learn the value of work and money is one of the greatest lessons we receive in life, even in these times of great uncertainty and economic instability, which rely on the support for us and our family is a blessing. However, learning to work and making money is not enough. To achieve personal and family economic stability is to learn something more. In other words, we must learn to spend money wisely and prudently…

7 things that the rich never spend your money and you also should not spend

Certainly, part of the financial success that some people achieve is due to its ability to determine where to invest your money and not invest. Are these types of people – which popularly called “rich” – who found that to surrender and multiply your income is a matter of spending more than a matter of work. So if your desire is to achieve greater economic stability for you and your family, share seven things that most rich never spend your money and either you should do it:

  1. Not constantly spend on expensive outputs: Amazingly, people with greater economic stability tend to not realize the high cost of tours. That is, no need to constantly spend money in bars, restaurants, shopping malls and luxury hotels to have a nice time. On the contrary, reserve money for special occasions or travel, which can be given the privilege of spending a little more than they spend on a daily basis.
  2. Do not spend on clothes, shoes, jewelry and other luxury products: Not all rich people spend exorbitant amounts of money on your personal image. In fact, many of them prefer to invest their income on clothes, shoes, necklaces, earrings, perfumes, lotions and other cheaper products that are not mark exactly. They recognize that it is not necessary to buy expensive things to have good-looking.
  3. Do not spend on car of the year: A few days ago I read an article in which, surprisingly, there was talk of some of the great Hollywood personalities who have very modest and economical cars. It is curious to see how they, and many others with greater financial income, prefer the convenience of a car rather than price and appearance.
  4. Do not spend on electronics of the latest generation: They seek to have cell phones, computers, screens, audio systems and other electronics that work well, although they are not the most modern. Even spend less this sort of thing than people with major economic challenges.
  5. Do not spend on things that they themselves can do: Cut the grass, clean the house, change a tire, preparing food, get a taxi to go to the supermarket and some other activities are the kind of thing themselves, the rich prefer do, instead of paying someone else to do.
  6. Do not spend on expensive universities: It’s interesting to see how, in some countries, public universities have students fairly stable economic situation. That is, parents with substantial economic income rather not spend on expensive universities for the education of their children. That does not mean not bother to give them the best, just recognize that the public system can be a good and economical alternative.
  7. They do not spend on the whim of children: Rich people who value their work and effort are not allowed to spend money on satisfaction of mundane desires and luxury of their children. On the contrary, they seek to teach them the value of money and the importance of not squandering it on activities and products unimportant.

Finally, remember that to become a more stable and wealthy person in terms of body, spirit, mind and heart, the only thing you need is not to spend your energy, emotions and money on things that do not bring lasting happiness.

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